General information

Following the cancellation of the MS Research Days of 2020, we are very pleased to announce that the MS Research Days of 2021 will continue in a digital format. The online edition of the MS Research Days will take place on Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 December 2021.

Due to the digital format, there will be no abstracts and poster sessions this year. The program can be found here.

Thesis Award

This year we will again present the Thesis Award for the best dissertations in the MS field. Anyone who has obtained their PhD in the period between 1-1-2019 and 1-8-2021 can compete for this year’s edition of the Thesis Award. To participate it is required that the disease multiple sclerosis is the main focus of your PhD research. The dissertations will be divided into two categories: clinical research, with a focus on treatment, rehabilitation, diagnosis and prognosis, and fundamental research, investigating the disease mechanisms and causes of MS. There are three great cash prizes to be won in both categories.

Have you obtained your PhD in the period 1-1-2019 to 1-8-2021 and have you not yet been approached by us to participate in the Thesis Award? Send an e-mail before 8 November 2021 to

The Solution Room

To make it possible in the digital format of the MS Research Days to meet new MS researchers and learn from each other, we will introduce The Solution Room on Monday 6 December.

During this short interactive session, participants will be divided into breakout rooms based on their number of years of experience in the research field and the research group they work in. The groups will be divided as diversely as possible, which means that the breakout room will consist of both novice and experienced researchers from different research groups. In this small group, you will brainstorm solutions to some common problems that researchers may encounter.

The Solution Room is the ideal place to get to know your fellow researchers in an informal way and to gain new insights into problems you might encounter yourself! You can register for The Solution Room via the registration form of the MS Research Days.

Registration form

You can sign up for the digital edition of the MS Research Days 2021 by clicking here.

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